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A legal acceleration of communication application

The client is a successful online communication platform that enables effective communication between the city and its citizens. The app has more than 100k users in Slovakia and has successfully entered the USA.

We provide the client with complete legal services - from drafting the general terms and conditions, Privacy and GDPR agenda, transactional advice on a venture capital investment of 1mio+ EUR and documentation for the use of the online platform.

Legal services for the neighborhood communication platform

We accelerated the growth of a smart communication platform designed for innovative real estate developers.

The application facilitates neighborhood communication and correspondence with the developer. We drafted contracts with developers and owners’ communities, general terms and conditions and handled the Privacy agenda. As part of the accelerator, we also helped the client with new contacts for their sales team.



Michal MagnusekCEO

What was the most challenging part of this legal project for you personally?

„The biggest barrier is the conservative approach of the management companies. Leaving "paper work" is almost unimaginable for most people managing apartment or condominium communities. The narrative that paper won't let go is ever-present. What we are very pleased about, however, is the positive attitude of residents and modern management companies who are already reaping the rewards in the form of lower costs and efficient communication through our app.“

What is key in evaluating the success of a law firm's work?

„It's clearly the ability to understand the tech client's requirements and language and being familiar with the legal landscape. I wouldn't just frame these requirements in the areas of law and law firms. It applies generally. Collaborations are interesting to me when I have the opportunity to work with people who are experts in their field.“

What made the cooperation with MATHISON special for you and how do you rate it?

„The cooperation was specific in particular because MATHISON is a law firm with an interesting network of smart people who are a pleasure to work with. In any collaboration there is a necessary degree of empathy resulting from the different situations the product can get into. It is this empathy and understanding of priorities that is another aspect of collaboration that I greatly appreciate.“

We help young talents improving their future world through robotics

FIRST LEGO League is the world's largest program bringing children to robotics, coding and STEM fields. Under the guidance of coaches, young developers solve real-world problems (waste recycling, water etc.) using a robot they designed, built and programmed themselves.

As one of the main partners of the competition in Slovakia, we help the project with the complete legal services.


Ondrej MackoProgram Director

What is the most challenging part of legal projects for you personally?

„The complexity, the combination of many factors and the lack of experience in the legal field are the biggest challenges for our association. Our goal is to convey our enthusiasm for science and technology to as many children and students as possible, and we often run into legal obstacles that could slow down our efforts without professional help.“

What is key in evaluating the success of a law firm's work?

„For us, the key indicator is the usability of the solution, which is mainly dependent on its simplicity and applicability to the target group, which is often the entire FIRST LEGO League community in Slovakia.“

What made the cooperation with MATHISON specific for you and how do you rate it?

„The cooperation with MATHISON not only saves us time and resources, but also brings new possibilities and perspectives on legal issues. The open approach, fast and flexible communication as well as the high quality of the projects make this cooperation an important and indispensable part of our business. Thanks to this cooperation, we can more effectively help to educate and disseminate science and technology.“

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