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Cross-border claim in Italy

We represented a Slovak manufacturing company in the cross-border recovery of a set of claims totaling EUR 1mio+ against a supplier company in Italy.

In 13 months, we recovered 81 % of the total value of the claim.

Out-of-court settlement of a dispute we took over after the client lost in the Court of Appeal

We successfully represented an individual client in a complicated out-of-court settlement of a dispute with a trading company on damages compensation. Our negotiating position was hampered by the fact that the client only requested us to represent them after they had lost in the Court of Appeal.

Nevertheless, after 8 months of difficult negotiations, the client settled for less than 45 % of the amount originally sued for.

Arbitration dispute for EUR 3mio

We provided legal services to the Slovak subsidiary of a multinational manufacturer of insulation systems in a supply dispute for EUR 3mio at Arbitration Court.

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