The world around us is speeding up, the choice of options is growing and it's becoming more and more difficult to navigate through them.

Our core values are help, practicality and simplicity of solutions. This approach has worked well for us and we represent a wide range of companies, from startups, SMEs to corporations.

To simplify our service delivery, we rely on technology. We don't forget that there are people at the end of every business. That's why we communicate clearly and in plain language.

We listen carefully to our clients and tailor our remuneration to their requirements - offering fixed prices, discounted pre-paid service packages or success fees.

We are people who love the law and enjoy business and bold ideas. We advise clients on how to make strategic decisions to achieve their business goals. Our work strengthens their position in the market and motivates them to higher standards.


Managing Partner

I have always been the first one. Since my early childhood, the motto – it was late yesterday - has been true for me. When I put my foot in something, I leave a trace.


Managing Partner

I´ve worked in advocacy for twelve years. I joined the practice as a student and after graduating from university I went to work for a multinational law firm in Prague.


I have been fascinated by advocacy since childhood, especially by its dynamism, so I decided to study law. At that time, however, I had no idea what the work of a lawyer entailed.


I consider fairness, honesty and sincerity to be my core values that guide me in my professional and private life.


I started studying law because I have always wanted to support the weak ones, who need a strong partner for protecting their rights.

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