Steinringer WEB and IT solutions, s.r.o. is an Austrian-Slovak TECH company that provides IT services mainly in the field of construction, sales and property management.

We have prepared a complete GDPR agenda, security documentation, consents to the processing of personal data, and documents containing information for data subjects. As part of the preparation of template contracts with employees and service providers, we also modified the license terms to protect our client when creating new software.

Juraj Kosmál CEO

What was the most challenging part of this legal project for you personally?

„MATHISON has always prepared perfectly for our meetings, so there was nothing challenging about our project. In fact, all we had to do was book time for the meetings and the follow-up and the project could be successfully implemented and completed.“

What is key in evaluating the success of a law firm's work?

„I see the law firm as part of our team and less just as an outside contractor. Therefore, I consider it very important that it understands our business accurately. Because if we get it right, we can achieve perfect results on the first try.“

What made the cooperation with MATHISON special for you and how do you rate it?

„MATHISON has shown admirable flexibility in its own internal processes. As soon as they noticed that we had a problem with incorporating a large agenda quickly, they changed their approach. It allocated staff resources, supported us in breaking the agenda down into smaller steps and helped us implement them right away.“

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