We work for the Finnish-Slovak company Solved, which provides a platform connecting experts, sustainable and smart solutions to different types of activities such as projects, events and job opportunities. As it is a “white label“ solution, the platform is used by many clusters, networks, associations or innovation ecosystems in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Slovakia.

We have provided comprehensive IT legal services to the client, specifically represented the client in negotiating of the Work Contracts. We also drafted template contracts with the programmers, Service Level Agreements and provided complex Privacy consulting.

Radoslav MizeraCIO

What was the most challenging part of this legal project?

„Setting up our contracts to be universal, to protect our intellectual property, but at the same time to be understandable and not hinder us and our team to deal with what is essential - the development of our application.“

What is key in evaluating the success of a law firm's work?

„Professionalism, of course. As I am not a lawyer, in the first place it is the trust that is established between the law firm and the client that is the basis for a successful long-term collaboration. Next, it's about communication and flexibility, and this has always been prompt, helpful, I would even say above our expectations on the part of MATHISON.“

What made the cooperation with MATHISON special for you and how do you rate it?

„The fact that we are a small company on the one hand, but due to our activities we require a lot of attention and expertise in such a challenging topic as the actual development of technically demanding web applications can be. And we have always felt that we received so much attention that didn't take into account the fact that we are not a big client at all. On the contrary, we felt that our collaboration was mutually enriching!“

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